children teach parents

The other night as I prepared my two-year-old son for bed he disobeyed me. I had asked him to put away his balloon and to get ready for bed. Completely enthralled by the balloon, he ignored me and merrily twirled around the room. Yet, he didn’t realize what I had anticipated. A few moments later he crashed into his parked Plasma car and Tonka truck and fell on top of his large, angular toys.

Stunned by the sudden change of events, he instinctively dropped the balloon and began to cry. In an instant, I went from being his invisible and mute father to being his highly desired rescuer. “Help me please. I hurt a boo boo,” he stuttered through his tears. Once I lifted him into my arms and held him close, he put his head on my shoulder and sighed in relief.

A moment in ordinary life, especially for parents of toddlers, reminded me of a profound truth. More often than I’d like to admit I chase balloons, missing God’s priorities. Good things, even enjoyable pursuits, can some times distract me from the main thing: an awareness of God’s guiding grace. Engrossed in the details of life, it is easy to ignore God.

Parenting is one of God’s kind graces. As your child develops as a person and discovers the world around them, you have a front row seat in their unfolding story. Yet, I am also finding out how much Christian parents learn about their relationship to God the Father. After all, Christians are sons and daughters of a gracious heavenly Father. Fortunately, he rescues us from our sins and comforts our suffering, even after we chase balloons.


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