snowlanta and sovereignty

Atlanta, better known for hot summers and mild winters, became Snowlanta this week. Sunday night and Monday morning snow powdered the Southeast and left a thick, white blanket over metro Atlanta. Near our home we received a little over five inches before the precipitation turned into sleet and freezing rain. The combination of ice-covered snow and low temperatures kept us safely at home and off the roads.

The extra time home has afforded several benefits. First and foremost I have appreciated the extra time with my wife and children. They are the most important people in my life and we had fun together, which is how we avoided cabin fever. Watching my son (2 yrs) and my daughter (7 mos) play with each other and laugh is pure joy.

The unusual weather also served as a powerful reminder of God’s loving sovereignty. In spite of our best efforts and our most ingenious inventions, humans have God-ordained limits. The icy snow brought our region to a stand still. Weather, like all of nature, bears witness to the Creator’s power, the creation’s design and the creature’s dependence. Too often God goes unnoticed in “good weather.”

It is also interesting to observe various human responses to the snow. Some people, like me, absolutely love the white stuff. Others are either amused or indifferent. And a few loath it, preferring the scorching heat. Personal preferences aside, how we respond to the weather can help us evaluate our over arching response to God.

Are we grateful for God’s gracious work in our lives? Is his involvement something that we take lightly or do not consider at all? Or, is God using the snow as punishment? Sadly, too often I find myself being either glib or unaffected. However, by God’s grace, this week I have taken advantage of Snowlanta in order to pause and ponder God’s grace at work in every detail of life.

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